Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Soggy Bottom Town

It's March in Seattle. It's raining. Raining like a tidal wave today. The puddles were enormous. I can hear the traffic on the wet roads through the closed windows even now. I watched the traffic while my little guy played in a puddle earlier. The cars sped by much too quickly, much too close to my house, and much too loudly.

I've been watching great movies set in warm, sunny places but they only seem to make me sadder. I know, summer will come and I will take it all back, but right now it seems idiotic to live in a place this cold and wet when it is possible to live elsewhere.

Look, here they are in California, ignoring the sunshine, whining about their marriage. Here they are in Italy, in Venice (!), regretting their life's mistakes. Meanwhile the sun is pouring down on them like a giant golden goddess and they don't even notice. I guess sunshine doesn't fix everything. Not in movies, anyway. Here and now, it would work wonders.